Living on the Edge: Staying in Remote and Secluded Escapes

Living on the Edge: Staying in Remote and Secluded Escapes

The world is filled with breathtaking beauty and dizzying adventure, but what if we were to take it one step further? Imagine heading off to a remote and secluded escape, situated in the farthest reaches of the world, and allowing yourself to really live life on the edge. Throw yourself into a whole new realm of exploration and discovery, as you wander into the wild and uncover its secrets. With a little daring and courage, you can find yourself living life to its fullest.

1. Finding Solace in Isolation

The concept of being alone during this time of social distancing, quarantine and isolation can be unsettling. But, there are also ways to find solace amidst this feeling of seclusion. From enjoying simple pleasures like listening to music or savoring delicious food, to more elaborate activities like practicing mindfulness or exploring creative outlets. There are plenty of activities that one can engage in to help cope with the underlying emotions associated with the current isolating circumstances.

Establish and Reinforce Connections
One of the main feelings often associated with solitude is loneliness. To alleviate these feelings, try to strengthen both old and new relationships. Reach out to long-distance friends and family, or explore virtual meet-ups with locals that share similar interests. Through virtual meet-ups, you can remain socially distant while still connecting with those you care about and those that may have shared life experiences.

Pick Up a New Skill or Hobby
There has never been a better time than now to explore new hobbies- from learning to cook a new dish to brushing up on a second language. With so many available online resources, it’s easy to discover a new activity that can keep you engaged and connected. Additionally, if you’re feeling unproductive or unmotivated, indulging in an activity that you are passionate about or that you find interesting can be a great way to reset and refocus.

Embrace Self-Reflection
One benefit of isolation is the space it provides for spending time with yourself. With this newfound time, you can spend some time reflecting on your emotions, observations, experiences, and behaviors. Some activities you can engage in for self-reflection include:

  • Journaling
  • Meditating
  • Yoga
  • Reading inspiring texts
  • Writing letters

In doing this, you can gain clarity and best of all, some much needed peace of mind.

2. Seeking the Unforgettable: Appreciating Unfamiliar Escapes

Adventure doesn’t have to be dramatic and exotic. Every little escape from the daily grind can lead to something special. Take some time to explore the unfamiliar and undiscovered, to appreciate the unspoken beauty of unknown destinations.

Be spontaneous and daring! Trying different things every now and then can open up new opportunities and awaken desirable experiences. Here are some tips to guide your journey through unfamiliar escapes:

  • Research your destination. Get to know the history and culture of the area to ensure that you have made an informed decision.
  • Immerse yourself by trying new activities and buying souvenirs.
  • Create meaningful connections with other travelers and locals.
  • Document your journey along the way. Take many photos or videos.

By embracing the unknown, who knows the extraordinary stories awaiting you. Seek the unfamiliar and let go of previously held expectations. The intriguing journey to uncover the remarkable and unfamiliar awaits you.

You will be amazed at what a world outside of typical routine has to offer.

3. Escaping into Adventure: Exploring Untamed Spaces

Living in a world of adventure brings new and unpredictable elements to life. The sight of the untamed wilderness holds a special appeal for many, and emboldens others to venture into new and exciting frontiers. To take life up a notch, below are a few activities to explore the wild:

  • Rock Climbing: Leave the city and find a great rock-climbing spot to enjoy the great outdoors. Beginners can find lesson plans to learn the basics while more experienced climbers challenge their skills.
  • Camping: Grab a tent, hop in a car, and find the perfect campsite to spend a few days. For a real wilderness experience, check out rustic camping spots that don’t have water or electricity.
  • Hiking: Strap on a pair of hiking boots, grab a map, and take a day to head to the hills for a nature hike. Make sure to pack snacks and plan for a picnic lunch overlooking a gorgeous landscape.
  • Kayaking: Zoom through a brisk flowing river or paddle along a quietshoreline with a kayak. Kayak rentals make it easier to explore with safety gear and an experienced guide.

Whichever activity you choose, make sure to create an adventure that brings joy and challenge. Whether you take an extreme route or plan some relaxing time, there is no limit to the type of pure joy that one can find in untamed spaces.

Remember: Safety and respect for the outdoors are paramount. Pack supplies and plan accordingly for the elements, make sure to leave no trace of your presence and talk to a guide to ensure that you are taking the best route for your experience.

4. Discoveries Amid the Unknown

The great unknown offers a seemingly infinite supply of secrets, ones that have been hidden due to natural environment or lack of discovery. Fortunate circumstances have aligned to reveal remarkable finds that may otherwise have been hidden in obscurity for an eternity. What have been revealed are truths and unknowns that have peaked curiosity and launched new aspirations.

Floating Stones – Many of us are familiar with the structures composed of the ‘levitating’ monolithic stones found in places like Easter Island, Peru, Mexico, and Egypt. Initially believed to be put in place by advanced ancient civilizations, more recent evidence of crustal deformation and tectonic plate shifting has put forth a plausible explanation as to how such structures were created.

Hidden Structures – Places like Petra, Machu Picchu, and the Naqsh-e Jahan Complex in Iran continue to let archaeologists uncover new secrets. The majority of these sites remain largely intact – perfect for uncovering the people and tools of former societies. Even with these vast resources, new and unknown structures are occasionally unearthed.

  • Among these is the Grand Mosque of Djenne, a West African mudbrick structure
  • The discovery of the 1000-year-old city of Angamuçu in Brazil by satellite
  • The unearthing of a 4,500-year-old pyramid in the small town of Edfu in Egypt

The Evolution of Knowledge – What is increasingly becoming more apparent is that the evolution of knowledge is not linear. In many cases, what we discover today can fill the blanks of what we knew in the past; and vice versa. As the world opens up to new and improved methods of exploration, a vast number of findings await us.

5. Stepping Away from It All: Unplugging from Life’s Buzz

In the digital era, most of us are perpetually connected, permanently switched on – to our gadgets and our social lives. But how often do we enjoy a break from life’s noise and demands? Our sanity requires regular, dedicated unplugging from life’s buzz, and here are 5 ways to do it:

  • Go for a nature walk: Get out into the fresh air and away from technology. Listen to the birds, connect with the animals, observe the trees – soak up the benefits of a natural world. It’s soothing and restorative and allows your mind to wander off the technological grid.
  • Sleep in: Let your body restore and relax and enjoy a few extra hours of not checking your emails. Give your mind a break and allow it to unwind. You’ll be surprised how better you’ll feel when you wake up.
  • Climb a mountain: Forget everyday issues and global worries. Find a peaceful mountain spot and take your time to take in the fresh perspectives and ideas. There’s no better feeling then stepping back from reality and viewing life’s details from a distance.
  • Visit a library: Disconnect from the digital and enter a space of knowledge and inspiration. Consider it as a digital sanctuary, all the answers are there, without searching online – just pick up a book, sit back and escape.

Each of us has our own way to switch off, but whatever you choose to do, pick a dedicated time and space each day where you can unplug from the digital noise and busyness of our lives. And you just may find that your sanity and productivity depend on it.

6. Taking Time to Reset: Making Memories in Unconventional Loci

In a world of ever-changing restraints, it is difficult to remain in the present moment. With so many worries on our minds, the pressure of living life to the fullest all the time can be unbearable. This is why taking time to reset is critical, as it allows us to recharge our mental, physical and spiritual batteries. Taking a break from the status quo to explore and make memories in unconventional loci can be an excellent way to find solace and reset.

For starters, a great way to break away from the hectic everyday life is to spend some quality time in nature. Nothing is more calming than exploring an unknown, far away place. With Mother Nature as a backdrop, all the worries of the world slowly fade away. Even a short DIY camping trip or a weekend spent in a faraway mountain can be enough to provide a much-needed change of scenery and provide ample opportunity to make lasting memories.

Another great way to reset is to tap into recreational activities. On a weekend or evening off, consider activities that are completely different than usual. A dance class, cooking class, kayaking trip, pottery experience, and many others can be taken as a mental break from the daily grind. This is an excellent way to bond with loved ones and create memories that are out of the ordinary.

  • Explore nature for a reset from everyday life
  • Embrace recreational activities for a mental break
  • Try to experience something new for lasting memories

We hope this article has provided inspiring ideas for seekers of a true seclusion experience. Whether you choose a remote mountain cabin or a beach hut by a secluded cove, living on the edge can be a rewarding and exciting journey. Why not take the plunge and create a truly unique getaway that you’ll never forget!


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